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HydraBot Crawler

Pressure up to 55,000 PSI, Cleans up to 540 sq. ft/hr*, Vacuum at 1200 CFM, 99.99% Collection and containment

The HydraBot Crawler is the fastest, multi-directional surface cleaning robot utilizing advanced seal technology to attach itself to any vertical, horizontal or overhead surface. A single operator can clean surface areas at a rate of up to 540 square feet per hour – up to 2X faster than the competition. The 1,200 CFM vacuum system collects close to 100% of the water, removed coatings and rust for complete containment and disposal. The coatings and water are transported to a filtration bag, where the coatings are contained for easy haul-away. The water drains out at a clarity level acceptable for treated sewers. The adjacent work area and environment are clean and safe.

Common Applications: Paint Removal, Scale Cleaning, Hydro-Demolition, Ship Hull Stripping/Cleaning, Abatement, Offshore Platform Maintenance, Surface Preparation, Tank Cleaning, Power Plant Maintenance, Tube and Pipeline Cleaning 

* Removal rates vary based on conditions – type of coating, surface condition, etc.


  • Maximum working pressure 55,000 PSI
  • 100% Collection and containment of water, coatings, and corrosion products
  • Lightweight design
  • Highest removal rates in the industry
  • Thick, durable, long-life seal
  • Multi-speed, self-rotating head
  • Compatible with any pump in service
  • Trouble-free maintenance: individually replace parts as needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life seal design
  • Modular parts for ease of replacement
  • Advanced controls for easy operation
  • Fastest removal speeds in the industry
  • Broader range of flow-rates adjustments
  • Built-in safety relief systems
  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Most versatile tool in its industry: cleans vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces

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