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Hurricane – Hand Held Surface Prep Tool 

Hydrablast Hurricane, Pressures up to 55,000 PSI, Flows up to 5.4 GPM

HydraBlast’s Hurricane is a compact, safe and lightweight hand held tool designed for the toughest surface preparation jobs that can demand up to 55,000 PSI. This device is perfectly suited for confined or enclosed areas. The hand held tool is equipped with a 6ʺ spray bar. Cleaning rates can increase by as much as 2.5X when compared to guns or jetlances. The Hurricane comes with a 2 inch vacuum port. This tool provides users with a cleaner, dryer solution, with better visibility. Also, provides industry-leading reliability and seamless integration with any UHP pump on the market.

The tool is actuated pneumatically when both triggers are pulled. Activation of the first trigger engages rotation of the spray bar, and the second activates the high pressure water. This sequencing has a high-level of safety, and ensures the operator is in secure position, with both hands engaged with the tool while operating.

Hurricane spraybar rotation is achieved with a dedicated air motor and the lowest cfm air requirement on the market. The rotary union is capable of operating at 55KSI MAWP and up to 5 GPM.

Hydrablast surface preparation tools offer flexibility and increased productivity. That’s a better way to blast.



  • Maximun Working Pressure 40,000 PSI
  • 2″ Vacuum Port
  • 6″ Spray Bar with 6 nozzles
  • Ideal flow rates of 2-4 GPM, max 5.4 GPM
  • Pneumatic Requirements: 90-120 PSI // 11 CFM
  • Removable/serviceable port fittings
  • Compatible with any pump in service

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