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Diverter Valves

Pressure up to 55,000 PSI, Compatible with Any Pump

HydraBlast’s Diverter valve is a multi-use water blasting tool designed to withstand water pressure up to 55KSI. It is a Tri-mode valve with three functions. In single gun operation, it can be used as a dump valve to drop pressure off the system. In multi-tool operation, it is used to balance the system and ensure each user has desired pressure (each tool needs a Diverter Valve). In a system with an external compensating valve (ECV) it can function as an on-off valve.

The Diverter Valve is designed after 60,000 and 90,000 PSI technology and adapted to work in the rough environment seen on water blast job sites.


  • Maximun Working Pressure 40,000 PSI
  • Ultra lightweight and compact design
  • Easy knob actuation
  • Built-in patent pending positive retraction
  • Removable/serviceable port fittings
  • Many Port Fitting combinations available.
  • Compatible with any pump in service
  • Stainless steel design, provides premium corrosion protection for waterblasting

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