Originally a cleaner and more practical alternative to sand blasting, the water blasting industry has grown to offer solutions for sectors previously unfit for it. We are sure we could discuss with you how water blasting might be a solution for your needs.

Common Uses Across Industries

Surface Preparation • Substrate Exposure • Pipe and Tube Cleaning • Paint Removal • Hydrodemolition • Water-Cutting • Corrosion Resistance • Hazardous Material Removal • Surface Roughening

Oil & Gas

Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream all can benefit from water blasting. We have clients who run our pumps to help against corrosion on offshore rigs, clean and maintain tanks, remove rust from old facility parts to extend life, and more. 

Common Uses: Surface Preparation • Derusting • Tank Cleaning • Pipe and Tube Cleaning • Rig Maintenance • Saltwater Corrosion Resistance


With high enough pressures, even hardened chemicals can be blasted to create a like-new surface. We understand how important absolute cleanness is to the industry. Often in chemical processing and petrochemical refineries, our pumps are used to clean tubes and pipes, tanks and vessels, heat exchangers, and boiler tubes.

Common Uses: Surface Preparation • Heat Exchangers • Tank Cleaning • Pipe and Tube Cleaning • Reactors • Facilities


Both on the ship and in the dry dock, blasting can effectively fight corrosion to create a clean, workable surface. We know the damage that comes with salt water, and we can serve you well with time and cost as you take measures against it by removing paint, rust, barnacles, and marine growth.

Common Uses: Surface Preparation • Ship Hull • Pipe and Tube Cleaning • Dock Maintenance • Saltwater Corrosion Resistance • Barnacles and Marine Growth


In harvesting, water is a clean alternative to a blade. In the facilities, our pumps are able to ensure a deep clean and surface preparation without necessarily needing much storage space. In food services, water blasting can be used for cleaning to ensure cleaniliness regulations are met in the facilities. We have customers already using our pumps to simplify and improve their harvesting, cutting, and cleaning processes, and we’re sure we could do the same for you.

Common Uses: Harvesting • Surface Preparation • Tanks • Pipes & Tubes • Facilities • Water-Cutting • Food Service • Butcher-Slaughterhouses


Our pumps can come with a variety of cleaning tools and the ability to clean off rust, paint and hardened chemicals. Inside pipes and tubes, storage tanks, and across heavy equipment, we can ensure a cleanliness suitable to the industry. Coke, hard carbon, parrafin, and polymers can all be cleaned with our pumps.

Common Uses: Surface Preparation • Pipe and Tube Cleaning • Facilities Maintenance • Hardened Chemicals • Heat Exchangers • Reactors • Hydrostatic Testing Vessels

Power Plants

Ideal for power plants, our pumps can help in maintaining the facilities and decontamination processes. They are also effective in cases of fired flash and don’t occupy much of a foot print on the grounds. The water is reusable, making the clean-up process much more convenient for nuclear power plant requirements. In coal, the pumps can clean conveyor belts and most heavy equipment as well.

Common Uses: Surface Preparation • Boilers • Fuel Capsules • Turbines • Pipe and Tube Cleaning • Pre-Heaters • Coal Conveyor Belts


Especially effective in hydrodemolition with all things concrete (no fracturing compared with jackhammer), customers use water blasting in bridge maintenance, highway maintenance, selective concrete removal, cleaning hazardous materials away, and a host of other uses. It’s an industry with a growing interest in water blasting, and we can show you why.

Common Uses: Hydrodemolition • Hydro Excavation • Surface Preparation • Derusting • Bridge Maintenance • Asphalt and Concrete Removal • Hazardous Material Removal



Airports Runways • Aircraft • Concentrate in Hangers/Buildings
Aluminum Tanks • Containers • Filters
Automotive Engine Motor Blocks • Paint Removal • Floor Cleaning
Beverages Breweries • Bottling Facilities • Distilleries • Juice Processing
Coffee & Tea Boilers • Condensers • Evaporators • Tanks
Concrete Industries Trucks • Mills • Rebar • Scale & Sedimentation • Machinery • Tar Cookers
Fish Farm Tanks • Decontamination • Concrete / Coating Removal
Glass, Ceramic, & Porcelain Furnaces • Kilns • Drawing Equipment • Heat Exchangers
Mining Mineral Extraction • Boilers • Heat Exchangers • Tanks
Municipalities Wastewater-Treatment • Sewage Pipe Cleaning • Tanks
Pharmaceutical Pipes & Tubes • Kettles • Mixers • Heat Exchangers • Evaporators • Reactors
Pools Plaster Removal
Pipe Yards Pipes • Equipment
Steel Mills Pipes & Tubes • Billets • Furnaces • Chutes • Heat Exchangers


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